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Samira El Ghatta (recorder)

Helma Franssen (recorder)

Urs Haenggli
(recorder, fiddle, percussion)

Conrad Steinmann (recorder)

A common interest in historical music practice as well as for old and new sounds were the reasons for the founding of diferencias in 1992. Inspired by Bob Marvin’s consort of (renaissance) recorders – and encompassing other resonances such as Lute, Fiddel, voice, Bells and Percussion – the ensemble performs music from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Apart from the more traditional repertoire, diferencias plays Byzantine music, some of the earliest Russian polyphony as well as contemporary works written for the ensemble.

The ensemble approaches this wealth of invention and fantasy from different periods with a colourful palette of sounds and with imagination – that of the late 20th century, to be sure, but one that nevertheless can still lead to unexpected results. Diferencias brings these works together with the greatest respect, reverence and knowledge combined with a light and smooth touch.


'...the playing is excellent and the embellishments are, as one would expect from the title of the group, effective.' (Early Music Review Sept.2000)

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