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A journey of discovery through ‘àl-Andalus’ and ‘Hispania’, comprising music from two very contrasting eras of the Iberian peninsula.

The first part of the programme reveals the fascinating and austere monastic music of Las Huelgas (Burgos), around 1290

It was a time in which art and architecture of the so-called ‘ Mudéjar style’ was cultivated, the melting of christian and arabian elements. This fascination for the islamic heritage remained popular well after 1492 when Queen Isabel finally expelled the Jews and the Arabs who had influenced Spain for so many centuries.

The second part contains music from these turbulant times:

The more familiar sounds and warmth conveyed in compositions
of Cabezon or Cristobal de Morales and the popular, light though melancholy villancicos which oscillate between Orient and Occident.

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If something like a Mudéjar-music-style exists, here it is, with all its charm and wit.



the program
Codex Las Huelgas (Burgos ~1290)

Antonio de Cabezon (1510 - 1566)

Cristobal de Morales (ca. 1550 - 1553)

Villancicos: Canciero de Palacio (~1530)
Francesco de la Torre

Andreas Lopez


Anonimo / Enrique


Juan del Encina / Alonso
  1. Benedictus
  2. Salve, virgo virginum
  3. O gloriosa Dei genitrix
  4. Propter veritatem
  5. Virgo sidus aureum
  6. Hec est mater Domini
  7. Belial vocatur
  8. Benedictus
  9. Diferencias
  10. Ecce virgo concipiet
  11. Sancta et immaculata virginitas
  12. Danza alta
  13. Hero del alta torre
  14. Pues que me tienes, Miguel
  15. Dolce amoroso focho
  16. Pues serviçio vos desplase
  17. Dolce amoroso focho
  18. Dormiendo està el cavallero
  19. Tres morillas
  20. Enemiga le soy, madre I-II-I
  21. Tres morillas
  22. Amor con Fortuna
  23. La tricotea Samartin la vea
  24. Amor con Fortuna
  25. L'amor, dona

'...the playing is excellent and the embellishments are, as one would expect from the title of the disc and the group, effective.' (Early Music Review Sept.2000):

'Verblüffende Virtuosität ist bei dieser Profitruppe gleichsam Standard. Zudem vermittelt die Crew auf ihrem Spanien-Trip auch ein starkes emotionales Spektrum. Hier spirituelle Versenkung, dort pure Lebenslust – es gibt 1000 Trance-und Dance-Grooves von anno dazumal zu entdecken. (Audio 6/2000)

'...denn mag der Umgang dieses Ensembles mit seinen Instrumenten und mit der Musik noch so frei sein, so spürt man doch gleich, dass es nicht um gesuchte Effekte geht, sondern um die phantasievolle Umsetzung alter Musik. Seine eigenwillige neue CD heisst wie das Ensemble selbst „diferencias“. (Schweizer Radio DRS 2   5/2000)

'...avec d’incroyables effets de virtuosité!(Goldberg Spanien  3/2000)



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ensemble diferencias: "DIFERENCIAS" - Divox Antiqua CDX-79809

A musical journey trough "Al Andalus" and Hispania