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Conrad Steinmann

Born in Rapperswil (Switzerland), he pursued his studies at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, where he has been a lecturer since 1982.He has given concerts and master classes throughout Europe, in Australia, Japan, Israel, Moscow and North America.

He can frequently be heard with Johann Sonnleitner, Ensemble 415,and London Baroque. As an aulos player he reflects a unique interest and knowledge of ancient Greek music. Recordings with Claves, Jecklin, Harmonia Mundi and Divox.



Jecklin, Zürich Melpo  (Solo music for several flûte instruments) JD 622-2
Pneuma ( (Solomusic for several flute instruments) JD 669-2
Claves, Thun Vivaldi, 4 Concertos for recorder and strings LF 0804-9
Nicolas Chédeville, Les Saisons amusantes
(Vivaldis Four Seasons) featuring recorder, hurdy-gurdy, violin, viole de gambe, harpsichord
with Monica Hugget und Johann Sonnleitner a.o.
CD 50-8302
Italian Concert (Recorder Concerts by Alessandro Scarlatti, Francesco Mancini) with "London Baroque" CD 50-8912
Harmonia Mundi France Concerti e Sinfonie von Sammartini
(Recorder Concert by  G. Sammartini)
wih Ensemble 415 and Chiara Banchini
190 1245
Appassionato /
Divox Antiqua
Cantio Triplex
with "ensemble diferencias"
(Byzantine 7th. Century, Guillaume Dufay, Moscow 17th. Century)
with "ensemble diferencias"
(spanish music from the 13th and 16th century)
available Nov. 99
Music from Byzantinum, Greece and Syria.
Solomusic with Aulos, recorder, Fischiott
available 2000