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Cantio Triplex



In this highly praised programme three contrasting music styles combine works that, in the broadest sense, spring from the same foundation:

  • earliest known byzantine music
  • oldest Russian polyphony (transcribed specially for this programme from old manuscripts)
  • and music from one of the great composers in the history of western music, GUILLAUME DUFAY.

Dufay‘s compositions are refined and full of beautiful sounds, Russian music is forceful and timeless, while the byzantine element brings an almost ecstatic tone to the programme.

In CANTIO TRIPLEX ‘ensemble diferencias’ reveals its colourful palette of sounds, virtuosity and inventiveness as well as scholarly interest.



the program  
Guillaume Dufay (1400 - 1474)   
Anonymous / G. Dufay  
Guillaume Dufay

Sophronios (Patriarch of Jerusalem
                   634 - 638)
Russian Anonymous (ca. 1670)
Russian Anonymous (ca. 1650)
Russian Anonymous (ca. 1680)
Andreas von Kreta (660 - 732)
Guillaume Dufay
  1. Ave maris stella
  2. Bon jour, bon mois (diminution Dufay)
  3. Hélas, ma dame
  4. Je me complains piteusement
  5. Sanctus
  6. O tres piteulx / Omnes amici eius: "Lamentatio sancte matris ecclesiae Constantinopolitane"
  7. Oútos ho theós (Hymne from Sticherarion)
  8. Gospodi Wozzwach (Stichiro about interment of Maria)
  9. "Holy Trinity"
  10. Polielej, utrenja                                                                   
  11. Kanon (for the feast of Saint Lazarus)
  12. Cantio triplex
  13. O sancte Sebastiane / O martyr Sebastiane / O quam mira refulsit gratia
  14. Vergine bella

'Un quatuor de flûtes à bec qui nous pousse hors des sentiers battus et nous enivre d’une fantaisie des plus déconcertantes...c’est surtout un quatuor extrêmement brillant qui s’exprime avec une liberté touchant e, dans un jeu superbe.' (Diapason 1/99) 

'A disc guaranteed to fascinate, and recommended to all adventurers.' (Goldberg 1/99)

'Ausgezeichnetes Gesamtbild, wobei die Chansons von Guillaume Dufay am rundesten gerieten.' (Basler Zeitung)



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ensemble diferencias: "cantio triplex" - Divox Antiqua CDX-79610

Byzanz (7.Jh.) - Dufay (15.Jh.) - Moskau (17.Jh.)